20 November 2015

Nine Mixed Pieces of Seven

Nine Mixed Pieces of Seven is mini mix featuring all tracks from album Nine Pieces of Seven. Enjoy listening! ;)

    00:00 Skaivox - Prologue (Original Mix)
    01:39 Skaivox - Reflections (Original Mix)
    06:59 Skaivox - Metafunk (Original Mix)
    11:46 Skaivox - Darknet (Original Mix)
    16:31 Skaivox - Blackbox (Original Mix)
    20:28 Skaivox - Whitebox (Original Mix)
    25:35 Skaivox - Resistor (Original Mix)
    29:41 Skaivox - Organized Panic (Original Mix)
    34:58 Skaivox - Garbage Collector (Original Mix)
    39:21 Skaivox - Organized Panic (Tempo Mix)

Nine Pieces of Seven is now available on CD Baby, Bandcamp, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and other stores. Please refer to links below:
CD Baby
Google Play


7 September 2015

Nine Pieces of Seven album

Debut album Nine Pieces of Seven is finally released and available in multiple web stores. Check it out and enjoy listening!

CD Baby
Google Play

5 September 2015

YouTube channel

Checkout my new YouTube channel. Some videos of past releases are already available. Enjoy! :)

2 September 2015

Nine Pieces of Seven album announcement

2015 is truly a great year. In beginning of the year my daughter Ajda was born and now I'm releasing an album! After timely preparations, finally album Nine Pieces of Seven is ready and will be released on the seventh of this month, the ninth month.

Album will be available in multiple stores and also as CD. More info soon!

15 June 2015

Earbits Radio play

You can enjoy some of my music on Earbits online radio. There is also a full preview of a new track called Reflections that will be part of an upcoming album Nine Pieces of Seven. More music will be uploaded soon.


Enjoy! :)

29 March 2015

Ninth preview for 2015

Ninth preview and last for now is faster version of Organized Panic. Check it out!

More info soon!