15 June 2015

Earbits Radio play

You can enjoy some of my music on Earbits online radio. There is also a full preview of a new track called Reflections that will be part of an upcoming album Nine Pieces of Seven. More music will be uploaded soon.


Enjoy! :)

29 March 2015

Ninth preview for 2015

Ninth preview and last for now is faster version of Organized Panic. Check it out!

More info soon!

8 March 2015

7 March 2015

Seventh preview in 2015

Seventh preview for 2015 is trance, psy-trance, progressive trance tune. Enjoy!

More info soon!

22 February 2015

Preview six for 2015

Preview six for 2015 is more deeper techno with a wailing synth melody.

More info soon!

15 February 2015

Fifth preview in 2015

Fifth preview for this year is a bit experimental techno track with lots of synth dynamics.

More info soon!

10 February 2015

Number four for 2015

Number four preview is a bit faster techno track with darker groove and a synth line.

More info about the release soon!